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Kuotiva is not responsible for the failure to deliver data or information from readers through various communication channels, whether e-mail, SMS, or other online communication channels due to unexpected technical errors.

All forms of data or information published and broadcast by Kuotiva are as references and references for the enrichment of information for readers. Kuotiva is not responsible if the information presented is used to make decisions in making an assessment and political attitude.

The data and information presented by Kuotiva or third parties who are partners in providing content are strived to meet meticulous accuracy. Nevertheless, Kuotiva is not responsible if there are errors or delays in updating the data which results in losses for data users or those who read the information presented on this site.

The data and information that is presented, displayed and distributed through all the official social media accounts of Kuotiva is an effort to expand access to information distribution. Kuotiva is not responsible if there are readers or certain parties who misuse the data and information that is displayed and distributed through social media accounts.

Kuotiva has the right to edit, or delete any user upload contents that violate the rule of law, and or as governed by the Guidelines for Media News Coverage.

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